These Mornings

Nov 10, 2022

I can hold myself this morning while you seem so mad at the world. I see you, unsure of your hair and your ‘side profile’ as you take the extra 20 minutes in the bathroom and the clock is still ticking. I feel your anxiety, as you don that oversized hoody and you hesitate for a moment before setting foot outside. You fix your mind on arriving and everybody’s eyes turning toward you and you see yourself and none of the incredible things about you that I know.  

You ruminate. School beckons. You’re making these micro decisions in each and every moment, either for or against yourself. I don’t require anything from you my love, while your heart and mind are already so full, of navigating the choices that you must make in order to survive adolescence and get beyond.  

Our time is short. 

I will always be thankful for what I am for. For I am to witness you, to safely contain you when appropriate, and to hold on, not too tight. Thank you for teaching me how.