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Music and Trauma

Three Songs that Saved You?

Artists and friends have come and gone for many years from our residential recording studio at our seaside home. With our guests we’ll explore the relationship between trauma, memories and music. Co-hosted with Chris Potter, an award winning music producer of 25+ years.


The first season of Music & Trauma features guests who have spent time recording their art with Chris, here in The Potting Shed.  Talented artists with remarkable stories which continue to leave us in awe of the heroic nature of every person alive.  Each of us has a story to tell and what has been somebody’s ‘normal’ is often mind-blowing to the rest of us.  Add music to the picture and we go on ride with them, through it all.  It’s emotional, insightful and very real and the tunes... oh my.  Listen in!

We get to be a party to stories and wonderments, vulnerable shares, poetry, lyrical curiosities and energetic riffs, all amidst pure and heartfelt musicality. Authenticity abounds as songs evolve and emerge. Truths and sentiment and things that matter are said and sung. It's a process of passage and reckoning for any artist and always a privilege to witness. We were wondering how might it be to learn about the experiences of some of these creatives who are artists, peers and friends alike?  To ask questions in a bid to explore what 'trauma' is and means to them.  To share stories, inquiries and, imaginably, some significant songs that may have somehow 'saved' them or at least helped them through.  We could never have imagined how moving and impactful this adventure would be for the both of us.  Our guests are heroes and we have been humbled to hear them unfold so vulnerably and courageously. Our earnest intention is to reach even one human who might believe that they are alone and to share what's true for all of us. We hope that you all might listen in and hear these real and incredible stories and come to know and feel how we are all, actually, a multitude of emotions and are not set apart or so different from one another.

Chris Potter is a BRIT Award winning and Grammy nominated producer and mixer, best known for his work on The Verve's #1 seminal album 'Urban Hymns', which features the classic singles 'Bittersweet Symphony' (2 billion streams), 'Lucky Man' (300 million streams), 'Sonnet' (100 mill) and the #1 single 'The Drugs Don't Work' (275 mill). Alongside his work with The Verve and Richard Ashcroft, Chris has worked on three albums for The Rolling Stones, U2, Blur and The Feeling. His other credits include tracks for Passenger, I Am Kloot, Keane, Jack Savoretti, The Rifles, Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens), Archive, Heather Nova, White Belt Yellow Tag, Sound of Guns, The Chakras, Mick Jagger, Whale, Mega City Four, Psychedelic Furs.

‘Music & Trauma’ on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube soon.

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On Navigating the Abyss

Parenting Alchemy with Kids in Crisis

Coming soon...  Catherine Borgman-Arboleda and I get deep into conversations that explore the possibilities for connection, between parents and their young people... In particular, those who are struggling in life. Sharing lessons we’ve learned both through our ongoing, personal experience as Mothers and our subsequent, professional training as Trauma Informed, Conscious Parenting Coaches.  We explore the ways in which understanding our own patterns of behaviour, which often obstructs the relationship with our children, can bring the connection and attunement that we seek and long for.  We keep it human and very okay, not to be okay! 

‘On Navigating the Abyss’ on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube soon.

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